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Scent has long been a seductive power to memories, nostalgia and love. Even the smallest hint of a scent can conjure up the warm hug of a lost love, a beautiful memory of your childhood, or the feeling you felt on an adventure around the world. Our candles are designed from love, inspired by the strength of the most beautiful life stories and designed to connect with your heart. We design scents to connect you to a place that lives between reminiscing of the past and dreaming of the future. Memories, moments, love. This is La Luxe Lucerna. 



Like many of the best artist stories, this one began at a young age and blossomed into the vision you experience today. Grace began creating candles as a young girl, captivated by scents and the subtle trance that candles created in a space. Through years of growth, love and life, this childhood curiosity grew to a dedication and passion to create artisan, fine candles that would connect people to the memories, moments and love that we often long to relive; from there La Luxe Lucerna was born. 

A partnership and love that infuses itself into all our candles, Grace and her husband Eddy began hand-pouring each candle together in their Toronto studio. Carefully selecting the highest quality coconut-soy wax, finest fragrances and oils as well as ensuring the most sophisticated presentation, each candle tells a story. Stories of love, of beautiful lives, of friendship, of heartache, of loss, of power, of strength, of beautiful places and all the places in between. Each collection is inspired by people, places, magic and love and ships directly to your home, ready to transform your space, your home and your heart.

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