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“Our collection names are inspired by the different parts of a story, because we firmly believe that La Luxe Lucerna is a exciting story just waiting to be told, and we are just at the beginning.”


Have you ever bought a candle and found that it quickly burned through within a couple of hours? After finding the same problem time and time again, the owner of La Luxe Lucerna did some research and found that the ingredients used to make candles have a lot to do with this issue. Not only that, but certain ingredients cause candles to burn with black smoke and soot. So, with that knowledge in mind, La Luxe Lucerna was built, focusing on premium candles made with the quality ingredients, to not only improve the overall burning of candles, but also scent distribution. All our candles are made with a coconut-soy blend allowing them to burn longer, contain essential oils & quality fragrance oils and are proudly hand poured in small batches in Toronto.

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