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Classification: Floral & FruityFind your strength from within. Trust your heart to carry you through any storm, and be the strength you need to grow and thrive in the world. A reminder that you are...
Classification: FruityA reminder to find the beauty in every moment, in darker times and lighter times, to know in your soul that you possess and radiate all the beauty the world has to offer.This candle...
Classification: Fruity & Musky Rigel, designated β Orionis, is a blue supergiant star in the constellation of Orion, approximately 860 light-years from Earth. Rigel is the brightest and most massive component – and the eponym...
Classification: Floral, Balsamic & Woodsy A reminder to explore your inner garden, the place where your heart lives. Walk along the path honouring the beauty of every flower, every weed, and the sun that nourishes...
Classification: Floral, Fresh, Woodsy & BalsamicFor days spent on park benches with your favourite book reading stories of faraway places.A scent to encourage relaxation in a world of chaos and adventure.This candle is blended with...

Our Candles

All of our candles are hand poured artisan soy and made from high quality essential and fragrance oils. They feature a double wick and burn up to 60 hours. Bring home a little smell of luxury

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