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Classification: Woodsy & Balsamic As you walk through life, the protector is a soft force of guidance, a subtle orb of gold light, giving you strength, support, love and protection. The protector uses their energy...
Classification: Floral A reminder that you can be both soft and strong and that strength comes in many forms. Today find strength in yourself, in your self-love, your compassion and love for the world. This...
Classification: Fruity, Balsamic & Musk To grow to higher heights requires support, a sturdy base on which to plant our feet, a stand to lean on in the messier parts of growth, and a pushing...
Classification: Oriental & Woodsy The way his voice sounds or the words he speaks, I can just never decide what pulls me in more – butterflies rising. The low murmur of the voice of reason...
Classification: Woodsy, Balsamic & Floral There is no rarer beauty than the wildflower. A reminder to beat to your own drum, stand out in the weeds, and bloom out of your comfort. This candle is...

Our Candles

All of our candles are hand poured artisan soy and made from high quality essential and fragrance oils. They feature a double wick and burn up to 60 hours. Bring home a little smell of luxury

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