La Luxe Lucerna


Where It All Began

Many people have often called our Founder and Chief Candle Artisan a Girl Boss! It seems like everyday she is coming up with new ideas and concepts on how to improve everything from financial literacy, to coming up with new and interesting content for her blogs. So, it was no surprise when one day she told her friends and family that she was starting her own candle company. What many may not know, is that our founder has been making candles since elementary school. Her first votive candle was created for a Mother's Day project many years ago, but the hobby never grew into more until she got engaged. Throughout the wedding planning process, our Founder wanted something unique and creative to give her guests as favours. And so, the idea of customized soy candles was created and thus La Luxe Lucerna came into existence, with the help of her now husband Eddy. Every aspect of the candle making process is hand made and made with love. From Eddy wicking each candle, to Grace hand pouring each batch, everything is hand made, hand designed and personally shipped to each of you. At La Luxe Lucerna we pride ourselves in producing quality hand poured, soy candles through both our collection lines, as well as through our customized occasion line.

At La Luxe Lucerna, we believe in stories. In all kinds of stories. We believe that each person we meet and interact with has a story. We believe in celebrating stories and so with that notion in mind, the inspiration for our various collection names arose. Each part of a story is essential to understanding the collection as a whole and to getting to that final chapter; to that final page of a story. We hope that you embark on this new journey with us and make us part of your story. Hold on tight. This is just the beginning.